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So I tried it with VS gut/Co-Focus at 57/53 and hit with the ball machine for a couple hours and loved it. Incredible spin, easy power and control.

Then the next few days I played some matches and noticed that the spin was still there, but easy power and control I had before was gone and I had to work a lot harder for it. I had difficulty controlling my shots and lost confidence being able to go for it. Is the Co-focus is only good for a couple hours then? At least the BHBR was good for about 7 hours before I had to clip it out.

Since my favorite string with this racquet so far has been Addiction at 60 lbs, my next move is to try JackB1's suggestion of Xcel at 56 and 60 and if that doesn't work, I'm on to a different racquet.
Well, I tried the following strings and here are my two cents in order of preference:

VS Touch gut 16 (classic, without BT7), full bed at 57 lbs. Great spin, pocketing, power and control and comfort. It's now my choice for this racquet.

Addiction 17, full bed at 60 lbs. Great power, less spin than the gut and pretty good control.

Xcel 17, full bed at 60 lbs. Feels almost the same as the gut, but stiffer and harder to control.

VS touch gut (non BT7) and MSV Co-Focus 57/57 - Great in every way. For two hours then the Co-Focus get boardy and stiff, but still retains the spin. When it went dead I had to work a lot harder for the power.

Xcel 17, full bed at 56 lbs. I put it away pretty quickly and went back to my other racquet with the gut. It's ok if you can't afford the gut, I guess.
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