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Originally Posted by TheCheese View Post
Imo, the straight arm is not really any different technically than a bent arm. I mean, what if the ball is too far away from the bent arm? Are you not allowed to straighten it because then it'd become close to a straight arm? The amount of bend in the arm doesn't define the techniques.

It's just a preference of where you'd like to contact the ball that results from having one type of forehand technique which uses pronation in the takeback. Nobody should be trying to force themselves to hit with their arm straight. The straight arm should be a result of the contact point.
I didn't say it was technically different but there are differences in contact points and other small differences.

All I'm saying is that most people use a bent arm and that a bent arm is easier to learn and a straight arm requires better timing. In reference to your own example, what if the ball is too far away for a straight arm?

And according to connico, adjusting your stroke 'leads to disaster'. But then again he also says most how-to videos teach a straight arm.
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