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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
The mamba gut is very average to me..I am sticking with pacific classic or Wilson..etc.

Anyway, I have some cofocus crosses in at 1.27. I know a lot of you guys like the thinner gauge but my theory here is that this thicker gauge could last longer and also provide more control. Anyone used the thicker gauge? I almost always use the 1.23.
I've only used CoF in 1.18 and 1.23. The thicker the gauge, the greater the surface area in contact where the mains intersect the crosses, meaning greater friction and therefore less mains deflection and snap-back. In other words, less spin.

Since spin is a component of control, in that sense there will be less control. It's also true that because there will be more surface area in contact will mean less notching.

So what you'll likely get by increasing the gauge of your crosses is a less spinny hybrid. You could probably get the same result by increasing your tension on your current setup. But the tighter you go, the less spinny and less durable it'll be.

In theory, going to higher gauges could allow you to go looser while maintaining almost the same performance. Although for a very flat hitter, increasing the gauge of both your mains and crosses might tame the explosiveness of the stringbed.

The alternative to taming it, of course, is to hit with more spin.
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