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Originally Posted by ChicagoJack View Post

I'm trying to figure out if the specs (weight, balance, sw, length, flex) changed when wilson updated the 6.2 model hammer with the hyper hammer 6.2

What I can figure out from google searches is that there were MP and OS versions of each, the earlier hammer version had slightly different cosmetics, more of a spray paint fade around the throat. The hyper hammer was black and white (sometimes called the skunk version) and had no spray paint fade around the throat. Any help figuring out the rest of the puzzle would be greatly appreciated.

So funny- I was actually thinking about the original skunk this morning and missing it's incredibly stability (or so I remember) -- and wondering why the hammer technology has gone away even though it was so popular.

From the TW article, it says that the original skunk was std length (consistent with my memory as well) while the Hyper Hammer 6.2 is longer (27.25" for the 95 and 27.5" for the 110)-- and also notes that the Hyper Hammer is lighter than the original skunks.
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