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Originally Posted by Funbun View Post
^^lol can't tell if BreakPoint is joking or is serious.

I mean, Federer can beat out the rest of the ATP below him, and they use smaller racquets.

Headsize doesn't mean crap. Federer's number 3, for god's sake! Beating Nadal and Djokovic is more than ever a matter of strategy, tactics, than anything else.
Totally agree. I mean I look at Federer playing today and it doesn't seem that Federer lacks power by any means, particularly off the forehand. Let's be clear, there are serious matchup problems with Fed vs Djoko and Rafa. I just think that vs the top two, Fed has to go for more because of their defensive skills. Therefore, he has to try to take the ball earlier and perhaps hit with more racquet head speed, especially off the backhand. So with that, clearly your going have more mishits. You see it on the slow motion replays sometimes when Fed is trying to pronate the wrist before contact with the ball, leading to shanks. I just feel that with Fed's game based so much on precision and timing, a larger racquet head would not help because ultimately, with Fed's technique, you still have to time the ball incredibly well, despite the racquet head size, and it is just downright hard to consistently do that.
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