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Originally Posted by Nostradamus View Post
Guys, what do you think about natural gut and poly hybrid for the new PD 2012 ? Do you guys think this works much better than the Multi/ poly hybrid ? If so, what natural gut do you recommend for PD 2012 ? Other than the Babolat gut which is little too expensive for me. Thank you in advance.
I've tried some less expensive brands for gut (Klip, PerformanceMaxx,) but had them snap in the bag or after just a few hours of hitting. Babolat Tonic+ is the second tier gut of the line, and the 15L thicker gauge is just a workhorse and lasts a very long time. You will get your value out of that one. The cross should be 4-5 lbs looser than the main. In this frame gut mains at 58 would be a good middle ground to start from.

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Hope this helps, Jack
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