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Originally Posted by ChicagoJack View Post
Hi LanEvo -

Ya, I kno you have to draw the line somewhere on what you are willing to spend, but there isn't any gut cheaper than the $32.00 per pack price tag on Babolat Tonic that I can recommend. The cheaper stuff is more brittle and more likely to snap during the stringing process, or due to bad string job, or a mishit near the grommet. I've not tried Mamba gut yet, I do have some on order, and would be happy to report back. Like you, I'm on the lookout for a decent gut at a cheaper price, but I have just not found it yet.

If you are looking for more specific recos on other choices you might revisit my reply to back on page 42. post #825 Hope this helps.

Yea thanks, I cannot use any of the Multi./Poly. or Poly/Poly setups, they do not work with my game as I do not hit with spin much. I mean with Poly, the only way to keep the ball in with is spin, and that is not a big part of my game.
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