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Originally Posted by Ross K View Post
RE Spain, I know I'm maybe in a minority around here, but I love their possession-based, fluid football, and I think reports of their demise are a little premature and they are still the team to beat. That said, I agree with remarks above, and Torres has to take these chances.
I don't like it personally, but i'm sure most people do. They seem to be the majority of peoples second favourite team.

Italy have good players, they're technically pretty decent. English players don't really have the technical ability that the other Countries manage to produce. That probably has alot to do with players seemingly going into meltdown if you ask them to play a different formation!

Yesterday for instance, Italy put De Rossi as a sweeper almost and he was brilliant. Bosingwa played in central defence at the Nou Camp and held his own against the best team in the World. Can you imagine us asking our attacking right back, Glen Johnson to play centre back?
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