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Originally Posted by TennisGuy89 View Post
I don't think so. I think Tsonga was using the French Open version but I think Nadal is sticking to the regular one.
Pretty much every sponsored Babolat player like Querrey, Tsonga, Sweeting, Mello....etc all were using the RG special edition.....Babolat was clear back in April that ALL APD players would be using the RG paint job. Of course Nadal shows up with the same old black/yellow and at the reception in Paris it was said that Rafa is so set in his ways he just couldn't accept a new PJ for just 2 weeks???? Tsonga last year used his RG models thru Wimby and Sweeting, Mello and Querrey all had theirs in Houston.
Interesting bit was Brian Baker who at he start of RG was still using his own sticks and thus the black/yellow during his run in Nice and Paris. I bet he will at least get free stuff now.
The big disappointment is Rafa as every Babolat sales rep was pushing that Rafa would be using the RG special edition - alas Rafa does what Rafa wants.

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