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Originally Posted by Feņa14 View Post
Italy have good players, they're technically pretty decent. English players don't really have the technical ability that the other Countries manage to produce. That probably has alot to do with players seemingly going into meltdown if you ask them to play a different formation!
It's because it's drummed into our kids at a very young age to play at 100MPH and in a rigid way. Coaches only want tough tacklers at the back and kids who sprint really fast at the other end (or lanky lads who can get their heads on to long balls).

No dynamism or patience is introduced and the same habits stick for life. Occasionally, a player will buck the system and have some unique skills but generally it's all down to youth development and coaching techniques.

Although, there is talk of reducing pitch sizes for youngsters and new coaching techniques. But it's about 10-20 years too late for this generation.
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