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Default Some of these 'old timers' at country clubs are evil!

Looking for a new club at the moment so I went to one club's 'social session' on Saturday afternoon to get an idea of what it might be like.

Now I've never taken social sessions particularly seriously. As far as I'm concerned they should be a opportunity for a bit of cordiality away from competition, and an opportunity to practice strokes, mechanics, form, stay loose for upcoming competitive play etc.

At this new place, the social session was mostly made up of older folk, but most of them were taking everything ultra seriously and had an evil eye on every point, even though they were mostly bunting the ball and hitting everything mid court.

What really started to annoy me was that they were calling practically everything that hit the lines, 'out'. Not balls right on the outside edge of the line, but ones that were flush on the lines, and even some that were on the inside edge of the lines.

Are these older folk mad? Do they have such egos that they're not prepared to lose graciously?

I called them on it a couple of times, but they kept on doing it. As I was technically a guest, I thought I'd better not too much of a fuss, but it did annoy me, so although I felt a bit bad, I decided hit the 'on' switch, and started hitting loads of droppers (which they couldn't get to because they couldn't run) which made them angrier and angrier (the woman in particular), and then I started cranking up the pace of my groundstrokes and started hitting kickers on my serve which annoyed them even more.

Somehow I don't think this club is for me, but this sort of stuff seems crazy.

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