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Originally Posted by Loose Cannon View Post
Im wondering if you and your wife would have found it to be such a fun story had they lost. Probably would have filed grievances.......

Seemes like the 'No coaching' card was just ready to be pulled, but alas, it wasnt necessary.......I adapt well from opponents having a cheering-coaching section. Gives me a Me vs the world type of feel........
Given the lack of insight displayed in your post I truly doubt that you adapt well to anything.

However, your feelings of "me vs the world" may explain your take on the story: pure negativity based on a completely false reading of the situation and huge, inaccurate assumptions.

For example, there was the time my wife's opponents were not only receiving coaching from the stands the opponents were also conducting a running commentary on my wife's play DURING the points! Opponents and spectators were treating the match as one big clinic on doubles tactics and techniques. Since you obviously know of that situation what's your take on her reaction in that incident? Please, do expound upon it. I'm eager to read your analysis of that particular match and her reaction to it.
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