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Originally Posted by Mike Y View Post
Yeah if there are people actually willing to watch a recreational match involving me, that is cool by me, they can pretty much say or do whatever they want, within certain limits of course.

Once in a mixed doubles match my partner's guest cheered for her loudly after a 1st serve fault, on break point at 3-4 in the 3rd set. That distracted her and she double-faulted, and we lost the next game to lose the match. We all had a laugh afterward about how this person cost us the match.

But if you let the crowd or outside events distract you then it is your own fault. Stuff happens in a match, you have to keep your focus.
I believe the rule is that there's no such thing as a let caused by noise or speech outside the court. People not on the court can be as rude as they want. Construction work, car stereos, car alarms, barking dogs, talking spectators...none of it is an excuse for a let.
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