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A guy in our 4.5 league self-rated 4.5 even though he is under 30 and played D1 in a major conference. According to USTA guide that makes him a 5.5. He works at the club that the team plays out of. They have since took down references on their website about the player.

Today, the captain of their team complains to my captain that we destroyed their season and they are just trying to compete with us because we are good and that we have players who should be rated higher than 4.5. Meanwhile, everyone on our team is computer rated except for one player who is a 3rd doubles player fill-in. Our players are good, but legal and he complains even though they blatantly cheated. His comments to my captain border on abuse and intimidation. Sour grapes?
how do you keep your obviously 5.0 guys at 4.5 on the computer? what have you figured out that others haven't about how to game the system?
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