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They were very different critters. It was the Hammer 6.2 that was called The Skunk, and it was a major retail success for Wilson. Subsequent versions sought to capitalize on that success by reviving the nickname and the cosmetics.

Here are Wilson's specs for the two. Wilson didn't list swing weight back then, but the original 6.2 had a lot more of it (334 for the 95 that was used for the "Tailweighted Hammer" project discussed on Wilmot McCutchen's site):

Hammer 6.2
  • T5659: 110, 27", 13.0 HH, 10 oz, 28mm Dual Taper, 60% Graphite/40% Fiberglass, Fast/long/loopy swing, Medium flex, 55-65 lb, 16x20
  • T5658: 95, 15.0 HH, 9.7 oz, 26mm Dual Taper, 16x18, otherwise same as 110

Hammer 6.2 Stretch (this was released between the H6.2 and the HH6.2; it is identifiable by a gold "spray" at the throat between the white and black)
  • T6059: 110, 28", 8.0 HH, 10 oz, 18x19, otherwise same as Hammer 6.2 110
  • T6058: 95, 28", 9.0 HH, 9.9 oz, 26mm Dual Taper, 16x20, otherwise same as Hammer 6.2 95

Hyper Hammer 6.2
  • T7363: 110, 27.5", 2.0 HH, 9.6 oz, 26 mm Dual Taper, 10% Hypercarbon/60% Graphite/30% Fiberglass, Fast/Long/Loopy swing, Medium flex, 53-63 lb, 16x20
  • T7362: 95, 27.25", 4.0 HH, 9.7 oz, 24 mm Dual Taper Beam, 50-60 lb, otherwise same as 110.
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