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Originally Posted by *Val* View Post
Has anyone tried a preformed bandana? That is, ones that are stitched to shape so you don't have to roll them? I'm looking at this one, which appears to be 'preformed':

My only concern is that the material might be too thin to properly adsorb sweat/moisture (whereas normal bandana is folded over), though that would make it more breathable.
I have a couple of these that I bought when my hair was longer that I used for running. They're great in that you don't have to roll them and they are the right size, but they suck at absorbing sweat as there's only one layer to absorb whereas a bandana has multiple layers. Oh, and the tie in the back is longer and dangle on your neck which is annoying to me. I have a while and black version I'll sell you if you want them.
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