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So, the tournament ended up going basically how I expected it to. I made it to the final, but lost to my friend who was the second seed. My ankle held up fine, but my legs were a different story. I want to say I expected them to give out by the final, but I didn't. I thought that they would be able to last to pull me through to the end, but they didn't. Oh well.

The first match I played was on saturday. I won 6-1, 7-6(7-2). I don't think that I played my best, but the second set got really intense because I came from 2-5 down. In all honesty, I don't remember the first set, but I know that I didn't let anything get to me and I just kept a cool appearance throughout the entire thing. I think I started the second set off with a poor choice in strategy. I decided to just start rifling everything that I could get a hold of and my opponent seemed like he wanted me to do that... He easily went up 0-3. I dialed back and started fighting and grinding and ended up coming back to take it in the tiebreak. When I was at 2-5 down I was serving and the first serve I hit was an ace right down the T. I don't consider myself to have a big serve at all so I let out a nice big "come on!" after that. I feel like the change in attitude from calm and cool to firey and pumped is what helped me over come my opponent too.

The match killed me though and I could barely walk after it. I couldn't even carry my bag. I was so happy to win my first match back, but I couldn't show it because of the pain in my legs. Like I said though, the ankle was fine. When I got home, I took an ice bath... I only lasted 5 minutes in that thing... haha. And then I soaked in epsom salts. I ended up falling asleep at 9... Was exhausted.

My second match and the final were yesterday at 9am and 1pm respectively. For the first match, I didn't think my legs were going to hold up, so I wrapped them like the trainer in high school did for me when I strained my right quad. It seemed to help and I didn't really feel too much pain at the end of the match. I played the 6th man for Nazareth college in Rochester and won 6-1 6-3. I executed my strategy to the fullest and was happy with how I played. I was hitting better in this match than my first match, but my backhand was still off and I couldn't time it right at all. I blame the dirt. Can't stand clay! Especially the stuff at my club... My opponent drop-shot/lobbed me a lot, which won him every point he did it. He should've done it more . This match was a pretty good minus missing a lot of easy balls from both of us, but I thought, for me, it was a good win.

The final was against a friend who I have known for about 2 years? We know each other's games pretty well so I knew going in it was going to be interesting. By the time the match started though, my legs weren't having any of it. I thought that I could pull through, but... didn't happen. The first set was really really gross, IMO. We would get into a rally, but then I would miss the 4th or 5th ball by like a foot. I couldn't find a groove or get a foot hold at all. It was really getting to me and I was getting ****ed. I cooled myself down and got back to 5-5 from 3-5 down. It wasn't enough though and he ended up taking the set 5-7. The second set was better. I broke him his first 2 service games, but he broke me in mine. After that, I just couldn't do squat. My legs were toasted. I decided that finishing the match would be better than just forfeiting, so I kept going, but you could tell that I wasn't there any more. Once again, I could barely walk, but it was worse than the match from saturday. I just disregarded everyone and went inside to get ice before I did anything else. It wasn't cramps, just sheer pain.

I'm not mad about losing the tournament, just disappointed that the 'healthy' parts of my body gave out. Oh well, it was my first tournament back and it was the B draw of it at that. It was for fun and a warm up for the real tournament in about a month. I'm taking today off, and if I feel ok tomorrow, I will be back at it. If not, then what is another day off?
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