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Default Tourna-Tac Overgrips suck!

Not sure why I am posting this, but my fingers keep typing.

I am an overgrip connoisseur, who is on a permanent quest for the perfect overgrip.

My hand gets sweaty, so I am constantly replacing the grips and there is nothing like washing away a loss like ripping that soggy grip off.

Anyway, We all know that all "pros" use the blue tourna grip which is cloth like, a lame color blue and great for absorption. These grips are not my style, as I like the tacky feel, as it helps me hold my racket with a looser hand for better groundstrokes.

My quest had hit an amazing plateua with the Yonex Super Grap, which IMO is the absolute best overgrip out there for every single reason.

I took a risk and tried the tourna tac as it is important to try new things. These grips suck!!!
1. Why would you not have the ends cut or tapered?
- you obviously know that it will have to be cut to fit perfectly.
2. Super slimy!
3. Get brown and dirty after minutes of play.
3. Thinner which is not good for me, since I use a smaller handle grip to make up for my yonex overgrip.
4. Not long enough? Why do I need to get the XL size, to fit a 4 1/4 handle...Dumb

Anyway, my rant is over and I am happily buying another 30 pack of yonex overgrips.
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