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Originally Posted by Loose Cannon View Post
What part didn't you understand????

The fact that your wifes team managed to win this comes off as funny or 'Look at what we did'!!!! Almost as if she conquered some worldly obstacle.......when you know good and the time of all the perhaps she......was probably borderline teary eyed- and fuming at this huge mis-carriage of justice, and was just waiting to make 1001 excuses if you happened to lose. There is a such thing as sore losers and sore winners as well............remove yourself from all the over the top dramatics to try and paint a picture of the Damsel in Distress.
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Originally Posted by TimothyO View Post
there was the time my wife's opponents were not only receiving coaching from the stands the opponents were also conducting a running commentary on my wife's play DURING the points! Opponents and spectators were treating the match as one big clinic on doubles tactics and techniques. Since you obviously know of that situation what's your take on her reaction in that incident?
Well, what was your wife's reaction? She sounds like a level-headed sort so I assume she shrugged it off. But you don't stipulate, which leaves my imagination free to speculate, was there gunplay?
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