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Originally Posted by arche3 View Post
You have to learn to manage the point. You hit it to them to keep the point going as long as possible. And only hit it good enough to win a point ONLY when you need to win a point. Chances are you will not need to do that even as they will miss with a mid paced fed ball right to them after a few shots anyways. They have to feel like they are actually in the point. There is no reason to make them feel like you are vastly superior. Of course you are if they can't even run. The trick is to make them feel like they have a chance to win.
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Growing old is for sure, growing up is another thing
Manage your Tennis time smarter. A social hit is exactly that - don't focus on winning, focus on socializing. There's more to life than Tennis.

In order to get challenged, play with younger, faster, better players.

Do what feels right - but I guess 20% social and 80% competitive Tennis should make everyone fit, happy, balanced, and (somewhat) amiable.
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