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Originally Posted by TahoeTennis View Post

Since 1998 I have had an extreme, crippling fear of flying. Have not flown since late 1998. I even had a return ticket to fly home but opted to take a 3 day bus ride instead of get on a plane.

I do know that it is irrational, and all the statistics, etc...of how safe flying really is...however

just thinking about it I feel myself starting to panic and have severe anxiety.


My girlfriend bought tickets for us to fly to Vegas in a WEEK!

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Xanax? Klonopin? Which is better? What if I get on the plane and freak out?

furthur Background:
Flew a lot in the late 80s and 90s. One bad experience in 1998 and that was it. People praying, kids crying, I was crippled with fear and never want to feel that again.
Vegas????/ Id fly with if the plane had one sub par engine and a few windows broke open......

just ask about their nice variety of drinks @ Liquior Bar......5-6 of those and you'll be laughing and cracking jokes in no time
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