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Originally Posted by SoBad View Post
Is there a recommendation for a chute that is light enough to carry on free of charge? Everybody is greedy these days.
Any of the reserve systems should do, assuming you could find a place to attach them. You can find them on the 'bay. The T-10D parachute would probably fit in an ovearhead bin (but not the beastly T-11), though I wouldn't recommend bringing a static line system on a commercial flight.

Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
You airborne guys are the biggest fear a family member of mine had (82nd) was jumping out of a plane and getting caught where you apparently get slammed against the plane over and over again.

No fear at all of the chute not opening or the plane crashing.
That's a towed parachutist, which is easy enough to fix. C-130s and C-17s both have winches that run the length of the anchorline cable, and can be used to pull the parachutist back in. If for some reason that piece of equipment malfunctions, and the trooper is conscious, he can be cut free by either the loadmaster or the jumpmaster safety, depending on what he's being towed by. If it's his static line, the loadmaster cuts it, and the trooper can pop his reserve as soon as he feels himself falling free of the bird. If the trooper is being hung up by any other piece of equipment he's probably close enough to be pulled in manually, but the safety can choose to simply cut the equipment, this time allowing the static line to do it's job as the trooper falls free of the bird (this can be done while the trooper is unconscious). The absolute worst case scenario is when the paratrooper is unconscious, being towed by his static line, and for whatever reason cannot be pulled in by the winch. We were taught at jumpmaster school that under those conditions the bird is forced to make an emergency landing on a foamed runway, to help mitigate the friction when the trooper makes contact with the ground. Now that is something to be feared.
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