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Originally Posted by SoBad View Post
What if a person doesn't want to fly at all? They don't even put the drink cart in the hallway anymore even on good airlines.
Well, then he's just proper !@#$ed.

My only other recommendation for OP is to make himself thoroughly sick. Sometimes on an airborne operation we had to 'racetrack' after we had already stood up and prepped ourselves to jump. After two or three loops banking around the drop zone, standing up with 100+ pounds of equipment dangling awkwardly from our harnesses, facing backwards, dehydrated from being crammed into a flying tin can with 63 other unlucky souls for god knows how long, and very likely a heartbeat away from voiding both our bladders and our bowels, I would have gladly jumped without a parachute, just to be out of the bird once and for all.
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