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Originally Posted by lendlmac View Post
yes in 1991, he switched to a 90sq Mizuno, and played pretty consistently, but for his severe ongoing back issues...he retired but he made the switch, no EGO....ala Federer and Sampras

I'm all for small racquets, I play with my Dunlop Max 200G to this day and blow locals here off the court, in fun...but playing onthe Tour, against fast young kids, with larger racquets and more powerful kids in general, Federer has gotta make the switch to have a chance...he can win all the little tournaments he wants to..

Lend won 94 titles, but no one talks about that, only his 8 GS, using his 75 in sq Adidas GTX Pro racquet....

Federer can win all thel ittle tournaments he wants to, but he still wants GS, No? so he needs to switch...if he doesn't fine...only he CANNOT complain when he loses in GS against these younger guys... he CAN'T complain... he does though, everytime...
And if he does, and doesn't win, what will YOU do for Federer. I'm sure if you make an enticing enough offer, he'll take you up. You know, something along the lines of you'll pay him the difference in prize money if he doesn't win the GS. Not trying to be a Dick, but it's easy to take that "I know what's best stance" when it's not your career or money on the line.
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