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Originally Posted by Praetorian View Post
And if he does, and doesn't win, what will YOU do for Federer. I'm sure if you make an enticing enough offer, he'll take you up. You know, something along the lines of you'll pay him the difference in prize money if he doesn't win the GS. Not trying to be a Dick, but it's easy to take that "I know what's best stance" when it's not your career or money on the line.
all we agree is, Federer, can't cry and complain when he loses to the top guns and younger players, , when he knows they are all faster, healthier, stronger, using bigger equipemtn, larger racquets, etc...and he still "thinks and believes" he will win another salm using the 90 frame..

it's been 3 years now? 365 days a year x 3? LOL nver mind the little tournaments...his endorsement deals pay more that prize money....if hes playing for fun, done...enough said...but he wants to win another slam, and he wont with the 90 frame anymore...4 years ago, 3 years go, yes...not anymore....he's older and weaker, not younger or stronger or faster...

not arguing with you...just a fan's for fun and enjoy losing, "good match" you're playing for your fans, etc.... but if you're playing to WIN WIN WIN, and you lose, lose lose aginst the BIG BOYS, you wonce OWNED 5 years ago...then something has gotta change...
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