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Originally Posted by Fuji View Post
It's interesting to see you are still playing, I haven't seen you post in such a long time!

We probably post in different areas, but good luck with your game. I've actually dropped back down to 4.0 this year due to back and arm injuries which is unfortunate, so do your best to stay injury free! It sucks having a bunk back!

Thanks man. I've been posting in the players' area. Didn't post here for a LONG time so I could train my body, and my game. Wanted to learn the game from scratch again.

I'm making a SLOW progression in all this. Today, I actually used angles on my shots regularly for the very first time, and I was controlling a few points, which is something I do not do very often. My serve is still in a learning phase, but at least I'm out of the tap it over deal.
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