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Originally Posted by AR15 View Post
Yes, our match times are flexible.

We have a "Men's Night" once a week. Perhaps we could make it a "challenge ladder night"
On some websites, you can set it up as a points system imstead of just a leap frog. Therefore, you earn points just by playing. Set it up where you get 5 points for a win, 2 points if you lose. Therefore, someone can be 0-5 and be tied with someone who is 2-0. The system encourages play rather than allows people to game the system by refusing challenges. It also encourages the stronger players to make and accept challenges because they can see the benefit of winning being multiplied 2.5 times.

No ladder is perfect because everyone's expectations are different. You'll always have a guy that wants to play every day and another guy that wants to play every other week. Points system at least encourages participation.
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