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Originally Posted by TroutSc View Post
Watched my wife's flex league match yesterday and was curious about what's normal/acceptable regarding talk in between games or sets. Am I allowed to talk to her? I didn't want to take a chance of being a d/bag so I just watched from a distance. I noticed a few things from my perspective and wanted to tell her. What is acceptable?

(she won her match! Yay!)
That used to be an easy answer, NO COACHING ALLOWED! Tennis, along with the rest of the world, has evolved to a higher form of complexity and now coaching is allowed in various formats, high-school, WTA, college. It's illegal to do so from the stands but coaches and parents do so regularly and when caught obviously coaching are penalized for attempting to covertly do it. Consult the Flex League rules or seek out a flex league attorney specialist for the current rules on coaching in your instance.
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