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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post

I moved up to 4.0 in Nov. 2011. In 2011 as a 3.5, I went to sectionals on two teams and nationals on one. If I were still a 3.5, I would be very sought after.

Say I were allowed to play as a 3.5 for 2012. It would be easy to get on a team going to sectionals. The way you do it is you simply don't join any 3.5 teams, but you let the best captains know you are alive. As the season progresses, you see which teams emerge as the winners. Then you join as many of those teams that have a slot, play two matches to qualify for Districts, and then try to get to sectionals.

If you make sure you get on the top DC team, you know you will always go straight to sectionals because there are no Districts. Smart captains keep 1-2 empty roster positions open just to capture top players who kept their options open.

Gotta know how to play the system, sonny.
Sure I guess if your whole point in league tennis is to be mercenary and join teams that are going to sectionals. I am still trying to figure out why people so ruthlessly go after meaningless accomplisments in rec level tennis. Nobody really cares about if a person goes to 3.5 sectionals except the individual concerned and maybe their team. After while they will wonder why they cared so much about it as well.
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