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Originally Posted by goober View Post
Sure I guess if your whole point in league tennis is to be mercenary and join teams that are going to sectionals. I am still trying to figure out why people so ruthlessly go after meaningless accomplisments in rec level tennis. Nobody really cares about if a person goes to 3.5 sectionals except the individual concerned and maybe their team. After while they will wonder why they cared so much about it as well.
I agree with this, I mean what is going on in peoples lives to have to be this way?

Dont get me wrong I want to go to sectionals (I have several times) and would love to make it to nationals but I am not trying to game the system or running some elaborate recruiting system trying to put together a "ringer" team that will "go all the way".

I play on my usual USTA teams that I have been playing on for years and even been co-captain of. A core group of us always stay together as we have become friends. Each season we may loose a person or two and then pick up a person or two. Of course when picking up new players we dont just take anybody but on the flip side we dont intentionally try to pick up a "ringer".

This year we have gone 9-2 in league play and are going to playoffs. Our team is ecstatic and feel we have a very good chance of winning city playoffs for a shot at sectionals.
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