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Sorry there, I just don't think that correlates with the record. His wins on faster surfaces seem to come much easier to him. Look at his WTF record for example. He enjoys a more attaching game that Roland Garros and the Australian Open just don't suit - being the two slow Grand Slams. He IS strong on clay - but that is just because his game is so solid overall. But I don't think any commentator would say it is his best surface. His best surface I think is fast hard court (so US Open).
Agreed to that, Federer plays much more "first strike" tennis than Nadal. It's why his winners, and consequent errors, are always higher than Nadal's. And that sort of aggressive game pays off better the faster the surface is. Clay tends to blunt it, and to reward consistency and a low error count.

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I don't think so. Nadal has only made one final there, whereas federer has made the finals of every clay court tournament he entered during his peak but was beaten by Nadal. Take Nadal out of the equation and we would saying federer is right up there with Borg.
Without Nadal he'd have 6 French Opens but also 7 Wimbledons. He would still have 5 USO and 4 AO -- his lower counts in the hardcourt majors due to the fact that Djokovic's best surface is hard court. Djokovic has already beaten Federer twice at the AO and twice at the USO.

Overall though, those numbers would not be evidence that clay was Federer's best surface. If anything grass would be seen as his best (going strictly by major count which is not all there is to it).
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