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I have a racquet with staggered grommets. Do I string this racquet differently?
Make sure you weave your first cross as a hard weave, where the string contacts the first main in a manner where there is optimal contact. For example, if the first main string that you encounter is below the grommet for the cross, weave the cross string down under main string and then back up over the next. Continue weaving as normal.

I have a racquet with a "built-in" dampener. How do I deal with this when clamping?
I can't comment on all models, nor do I know all of the "dampening systems" available. As an example, you might string the mains through the dampener, and move it toward the center of the mains when clamping nearest the frame. When done, you can slide it into position.

I'm having a hard time getting knots looking right. What can I do to improve?
The "handling" of the knot and string is a little tough for me to put in words. This assumes you tie the knot using the proper steps. Be sure you have a long enough length of string to make smooth curves in the string as you perform each step. Support the loop with your fingers as you pull the tip so you don't quickly add kinks. If using poly, try to get the slack out as you go along and close loops. If left open and you're trying to pull to close another loop, the first may not close neatly and may "kink up."

What do I do if the string kinks?
The "damage" can vary, but it may create a weak point. You can continue to string, but the result may not be good. If you are stringing for someone else, you know what you should do, right?

I want to string natural gut. Does it really require special handling?
You'll want to be more delicate with natural gut. A natural gut mistake is co$tly. Be careful not to kink it. Do not pull it too fast. Be careful when tying knots. Do not use a lot of force. It could break. Watch forum member "Drakulie"'s youtube video.

I simply want "X" pounds/kilograms. What is this talk about reference tension?
Reference tension is what you set and the machine initially pulls. However, the string, and this varies with type, will lose a certain amount of tension with time and use. Your string tension will not be exactly the tension at which you set the weight on the bar. If you feel a need in the future, you can adjust the machine's tension setting up or down accordingly. Details on percentages of tension lost, and the relationships of sting tension on a "lock out" machine as opposed to a "constant pull" machine, can be found on the forum and web, in general.

Is there a way to monitor the tension of the strings?
There are string "meters" that will measure tension or tension loss over time (Gamma ATS ERT 300, Gamma String Tension Tester, Tourna Stringmeter). There is even an "app for that" (racquetTune). Search for specific opinions on effectiveness.

How do I stencil my strings?
Obtain an official stencil template or make your own out of an "ink/colorant resistant" material. Place the template on the strings. Use stencil ink, which can be obtained from tennis suppliers, such as TW. Note: Stencil ink will last longer on some types of string.

Can I use any floating clamps I want?
Assuming they are intended for tennis if stringing a tennis racquet, and the same for badminton, the type makes no difference. Again, this thread isn't about which brand to buy. Again, previous threads are plentiful.

Is there a way to upgrade from two-point to six-point mounting, or to fixed clamps, in the future?
As far as I know, there is no Gamma upgrade product for these entry-level machines. If you think you want a six-point or fixed clamps, you'll have to buy the entire machine.

Should I wear eye protection when stringing?
That is your call. I'll put it this way, there are probably some stringers out there who do, as they follow the advice of "Norm Abram" (Some of you might get it.) or have had an incident. That said, keep control of your strings. And be extremely careful when tightening knots with pliers, as they can unexpectedly release and come the way of your face.

"My machine slides on the surface I have available." or "I need to place my machine on a surface which CAN NOT get marked." How can I solve this?
An anti-slip mat might do the trick. You can expand from there to get the surface you need to support the machine.

Is there an official stand available for these machines?
Yes. It is height-adjustable.

I need customer service. Whom do I call?
Gamma provides customer service. Check the official site. Also, "Gamma Tech," who works at Gamma, visits the forum.

I need to lower the bar to store the machine. How do I do this?
Hold the bar. Loosen the 5mm hex bolt at the back of the tensioning unit. Lower the bar.

How do I get the weight on the bar? There is this black thing in the way.
You remove the black cap and put the weight on the bar. Then put the cap back on. Someone actually had this problem. I'm trying to think of everything here.

I am trying to string with poly, but the bar isn't dropping to horizontal! What can I do?
As you've probably already heard/read, polys stretch less. Strings vary, but you'll know when you first start trying to pull tension on a certain type. You can hold the bar at an angle, wrap around the rotational gripper, and then let the bar down slowly. Or you can rotate the bar to its lowest position, wrap, and then lift (while holding the gripper) to tension. You may find an angle of the bar at which you can simply wrap the string, and let the bar down to get the bar to (about) horizontal without ever having to ratchet the bar back up (if you have a ratcheting type). NEVER push the bar down. If the bar is too far above horizontal when pulling tension, release the string and try again. Also, remember because polys stretch less that you will need enough string to exit the racquet and reach around the gripper to tension the final mains/cross. Also note, you can feed less string if the bar is above horizontal. Techniques vary slightly based on which gripper type you have on dropweights for those with other types of machines or without a ratcheting gripper.

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