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I'm confused over your DQ... after taking a few years off I am playing once again as a 4.0s and after a slow start in which I went 2-2 I won my last 4 matches by scores of 0 & 1, 2 & 1, 0 & 0, 0 & 0... the last double bagel coming against a player with an overall winning record, INCLUDING a victory over someone that whipped me in the 1st match of the year.

I was terrified I was going to be DQ'd (not wanting to see my team get hurt), but so far I haven't heard a word. (The last match I played was nearly 2 weeks ago). Could it be that even though I had to self-rate because of my time off, my actual history (5 seasons as a confirmed 4.0) saved me? Or is the hammer still likely to fall, it just hasn't hit me yet?
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