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When I tension a string, the racquet flexes. Is this normal?
A racquet may flex a bit depending how flexible the racquet itself is. As long as you've taken the correct steps to adjust the hold down plates, supports, and adapters, it should be fine. Remember, never push the bar down. That will add an extreme amount of tension.

The racquet head shape becomes distorted when i string it. What happened?
Remember, you want to string your mains and crosses at or at least very close to the same tension. Again, be sure the racquet is held properly by the supports.

How big is the machine? How big are the parts? What do they look like up close? Here is a look at the X-2, for example.

X-2 Close-up (disassembled). The weight of parts shown is about 21 lbs.

How do I customize my racquet beyond stringing it differently?
See: Click "CUSTOMIZATION" button.

Print. Get a dowel or similar tube about 1/2" (12.7mm) in diameter. Note: The 11" distance to the balance point can be achieved simply by using a standard 11" sheet of paper. Use a flat surface.
To be accurate: The image must be saved. Must be 100 pixels/inch. Must be 700 pixels wide X 748 pixels high. Print size is 7"W X 7.48"H. 206KB.
Use a digital scale for weights. Scales accurate to 0.01 grams are available for under $20. Digital scales usually switch between grams, ounces, and other common systems.

How is a starting clamp different from a floating (flying) clamp?

A starting clamp is spring-loaded to close tightly on a string. The head is relatively small with flat, often "rectangular" clamping surfaces. Starting clamps often have eyelets on the head to use the clamp to "jump" (bridge) a short piece of string to the tensioner.
A floating clamp has teeth that fit between the strings of a racquet when tensioning strings, and they are closed with some type of lever mechanism. A floating clamp holds two strings as shown in Post #1 of this guide. A floating clamp can be adjusted for different thicknesses of string by turning some type of "knob." How each is used is noted earlier.

(Continued in Post #8.)
Still with the Head LM Radical MP/OS. The dying art of the 1HBH. Gamma X-2. Would a higher-end machine get me more forum "cred"? ;)

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