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No, coaching is not allowed except in the cases of a team competition. If you coach your wife you're cheating, whether it's talking, hand signals, or using a Bluetooth.

That aspect of a player figuring out an opponent and the match by themselves, without help, is part of tennis. When one player has outside help and the other doesn't it can be a huge tactical, emotional, and psychological edge. It can also backfire as Cindy mentions.

In team competition both players have access to coaching and the support of the team so there's no unfair advantage.

From our friends at the USTA (tired to post the link but the website isn't allowing it).
During the playing of a match in a team competition, a player may receive coaching from a captain who is sitting on the court only when he changes ends at the end of a game, but not when he changes ends during a tie-break game.

A player may not receive coaching during the playing of any other match.

After due warning an offending player may be disqualified. When an approved point penalty system is in operation, the Umpire shall impose penalties according to that system.

Case 1. Should a warning be given, or the player be disqualified, if the coaching is given by signals in an unobtrusive manner?

Decision. The Umpire must take action as soon as he becomes aware that coaching is being given verbally or by signals. If the Umpire is unaware that coaching is being given, a player may draw his attention to the fact that advice is being given.

Case 2. Can a player receive coaching during an authorized rest period under Rule 30(e), or when play is interrupted and he leaves the court?

Decision. Yes. In these circumstances, when the player is not on the court, there is no restriction on coaching.

ITF Note: The word "coaching" includes any advice or instruction.

[USTA Comment: Coaching is not permitted in the USTA Adult and Senior League Program except during authorized rest periods.]

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