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Default Question for Brit regarding racquets comparison

Hi Brit, after reading the reviews I've noticed that you have playtested all the racquets that I'm concerned about so please help me finding a new stick

My stick of choice has been the BLX98 and when I'm on or still fresh it just feel like heaven but then not so much when I get tired like during the 3rd set...Recently I came off an injury too so it even grew tougher than me. So I tried my mate's Pure Drive and notice that I've never serve that good before and it's relatively easier to rally as well. Thus I decided to stop being stubborn and move on to some more open racquets like these. Could you please compare them thoroughly for me? Thank you so much in advance

1/ Volkl Organix V1
2/ Donnay Formula 1
3/ Babolat Pure Drive

Bonus: X-Red 99, how do they stack up against those 3. Based on the reviews I think that it won't suit me as much as these 3 but boy it's the sexiest stick I have ever seen in my life!

Kind regards.
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