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Originally Posted by Herve View Post
My bad, you are right, the Wilander 88 ST design was horizontal, not vertical, as previously stated. I own the vest, still looking for a polo.

I wasn't that keen on the Jason Pollock squiggly lines after that. Cash and Wilander wore it..
I have the horizontal polo in the rainbow colours (red/yellow/blue/red/green) and the one which was a more subdued range of colours. There was one more I could never get which was just five different shades of purple.

Re: the squiggly lines shirt. To my knowledge Wilander and Cash never wore the same Tacchini outfit unless it was really early days (pre-85). Cash's first designery polo was this (from the 88 Aussie Open onwards):

Wilander wore this one at that time (from the 87 US Open through to the 88 Wimbledon - the colours were flipped prior to the Aussie Open) I have the polo and jersery of this and sold the warm-up on the bay last year for good coin:

Next up I have the Aussie Open polo, vest and whole warm-up of the 89-90 'spray paint' range... the infamous range where he lost to Sampras at the US Open as the defending champ. Here's the AO 90 polo.

...and Sampras' first GOAT Tacchini range came at the US Open in 89 when he beat Wilander, the 'chalk duster' range. I have that polo and warm-up also. This came the year before the archer range when Pete won his first major.

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