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Originally Posted by goober View Post
Actually I wasn't accusing you of doing so- I was talking about a hypothetical person who would do this.

Interesting idea of keeping singles slots open late in the season for players from teams in other districts. How does the rest of your team feel about that? I couldn't do that here because the adjacent districts are like 2 hours away. So you are saying you would never be a mercenary yourself but you would bring one late in the season to help your team go to sectionals?
There are 4 districts across 2 sections around here within an hour drive. This happens all the time. Dizz isn't a late season addition, but he's a DE mercenary also playing on teams in NJ & PA to put them over the top for the playoffs. I am from NJ, but I was added to a PA team because they are in contention. It's no big deal at all.
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