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Wow! You have picked three of my favorite racquets after my current racquet of choice (Yonex VCORE 100 S). I will do my best to compare.

We will start with the Babolat Pure Drive. I think this was my favorite racquet of the three. It is a beast of a racquet with lots of easy access to power. When combined with a poly, I found it to have a perfect combination of power and control. But warning, there is lots of power from this racquet and took me about an hour of hitting to get control! I don't have any arm issues but did find the racquet to be a little stiff. My favorite shots to hit were my serve and groundstrokes.

The Donnay Formula 100 was such a fun racquet to hit with. I felt this was much more comfortable to hit with than the Pure Drive. There was still power but not as much as the Pure Drive which could be a good thing for you coming from a Wilson Blade. I enjoyed doubles with this racquet as I found a little bit more feel especially on my volleys. Overall, this and Pure Drive are very comparable.

The Volkl Organix V1 was a surprise favorite for me. I didn't think I would like it as much as I did. First thing I would note is that it is significantly lighter than the other two racquets. Jason also playtested the racquet and loved it but he customized it a little with some extra weight. That being said, I found at times when hitting with harder flatter players, the stability wasn't where I liked it to be. However, it was the most comfortable racquet to play with. I also found it to be the most maneuverable. I found the power comparable to the Pure Drive. It would definitely be a big jump for a Wilson Blade but could work in your favor with a little customization.

Now the Donnay X-Red 99 is a completely different beast. It was more of a control racquet with great feel. I loved hitting volleys and slice. I loved it in doubles. I have to say again the feel was quite different than anything I had ever hit before. It is not normally a racquet in my spec range but definitely opened my eyes to different possibilities. And yes I agree, it is quite a beauty!

If you need any more help or have any questions, let me know! Hope that helps!

Brittany, TW

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