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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
Heck, I can hit clean BH topspin running shots, have the kick, slice, topslice, and flat serves WITH placement, and I"m still a 4.0, and a bad one at that. Overheads from NML, easy.
I agree with OP, 4-4.5 is not a very good level, since I can claim 4.0 and play an average of once a week.
Originally Posted by mib View Post
Actually, I can hit these shots. Of course, a 5.5 will hit them harder, more precisely (especially the second serve) and, most importantly, more consistently. And, likely, he will get to the ball earlier to hit an easier shot as well. I don't have any chance against a 5.5, but it is not because of completeness but because of inferior speed and execution.
Perhaps we are getting hung up on terminology... when I say 'can hit these shots' I mean can do it *consistently* and when under pressure, not once in a while when things go right.

If you guys can do that, then my friends you are better than any 4.5s I know!
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