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Originally Posted by Yourtenniscoach View Post
Experienced something last night in a match that I've never encountered in 17 years of tennis! I wasn't sure what to here so I gave him the point. What's the correct ruling here:

I was serving the ball and my opponent was putting some rediculous backspin on his return (in part because he really didn't know how to hit a ball properly). He once put such rediculous backspin on the ball that it hit the ground and before I could get to the ball it bounced back over the net. Had it either continued on its normal path or even just died I would have been able to get there but the way this happend I wasn't able to even have a chance at the ball.

Is this just his point? Curious how it should be scored. I've never seen anything like this before.
His point ... although had you been able to get to it you could have hit it even after it crossed the net provided you did not touch his court.
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