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Originally Posted by goober View Post
Actually I wasn't accusing you of doing so- I was talking about a hypothetical person who would do this.

Interesting idea of keeping singles slots open late in the season for players from teams in other districts. How does the rest of your team feel about that? I couldn't do that here because the adjacent districts are like 2 hours away. So you are saying you would never be a mercenary yourself but you would bring one late in the season to help your team go to sectionals?
"Mercenary" seems a little off. I mean, these were legit computer-rated players. But yes, I did exactly this last year.

We had 18 matches during the regular season. The stated goal up front was to make the playoffs, etc. I had told everyone to make sure they were available for Districts.

Throughout the season, I had three singles players, IIRC, on a roster of 18. So I kept two open slots for late-season recruiting. My singles players were struggling to win matches, and we stayed in contention with strong play in doubles.

As we reached the end of the season, I found two terrific singles players to fill the empty slots. That was then a full roster of 20.

I then asked who would be available for Districts. One lady bailed (she pleaded unavailability but as it turned out she just wished to play for one of her other playoff-bound teams and simply wasn't honest with me). I filed a player deletion for her and filled her slot with a lady from Virginia who had destroyed me in singles -1 and -0.

So we went to Districts with a rejuvenated roster of singles players. We made the semis, but we lost and didn't get to sectionals.

I don't know how the team felt about this. No one complained. I mean, if we find three new singles players who can help us achieve the goal, what's the harm? I didn't have anyone complaining about not getting enough match time. And as luck would have it, I was able to play every person on the roster at Districts except one lady who chose to take a vacation instead.
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