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Default being the weak link in doubles league

I play in a men's doubles league where you are placed on courts with three others and you play a set with each. The person with the most wins moves up a court the next week ... standard stuff. Anyway, I am a low 3.5 player and I had to play with three subs last week that were strong 4.5 players. Obviously, I was the weakest link. They played all played a 4.5 game and I just got trounced. I really was down on myself because the whole time it was in my mind that they were all thinking "great, I have to play with THIS guy now." They all seemed nice enough, but it's hard to not think they are looking down. It made the whole match entirely unenjoyable since I felt like I was a Toyota Prius drag racing with Ford Mustang GTs. It just sucks because I tended to get down on myself more because I was ruining good rallies with my weaker play. I was so glad when the night came to an end!

Just curious if others get down more with unforced errors when you are playing with better people or tend to get more self conscious about your game? That's something I need to work through for sure.
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