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Originally Posted by OrangePower View Post
Main difference is: 4.5 is just a recreational hacker, vs 5.5 is a tennis player

Not meant as an insult since I am a 4.5 myself, but at 5.0 and below, we do not have complete games. Whereas players at 5.5+ have complete games - all the shots, footwork, and physical skills.

Put another way, you can get to 4.5 and even 5.0 with limitations - do not have to have been trained as a kid, can have some bad habits with technique, can be older / not in prime physical shape, etc. Whereas, to be at 5.5 you need to have had rigorous coaching / training (at least at some point in the past), and you need to be in good physical condition.
4.5 is not a recreational hacker. 4.0 - 3.0 are rec hackers.
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