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Comments from RSI testers:

"This is an arm-friendly control string with average power." 5.5 male stringing at 52 lbs in Wilson BLX Pro Tour, constant pull

"Excellent spin and power. It stays playable longer than most polys I've tried." 5.0 male at 52 lbs in Wilson BLX Blade, constant pull

"Good touch and comfort. Power is there when needed. Baseliners will like the control." 4.5 male at 56 lbs in Head Liquidmetal Radical OS, lock out

"Power is definitely there when needed. A vibration dampener is recommended (to reduce noise)." 4.5 male at 55 lbs in Babolat Pure Storm GT, constant pull

"This is a comfortable string with great control. Power is just right." 4.0 male at 58 lbs in Babolat Pure Storm LTD, constant pull

"This string adds extra kick to serves. Excellent control on both groundies and touch shots. Outstanding comfort." 4.0 male at 60 lbs in Prince Triple Threat Viper, lock out

"Touch and feel are lacking. There is a slight buzzing on softer strokes." 4.0 male at 54 lbs in Donnay X-Dual Gold, constant pull


One negative review out of seven.

Prince Synthetic Gut Original RSI measured stiffness: 217*
Ashaway Zyex Monogut 16 measured stiffness: 151*

*24 hours after stringing with no play
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