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Originally Posted by MeggieTennisGal View Post
Scholarships are helpful when it comes to applying for awards for, e.g., Rhodes or Fulbright Scholarships. I think it's best for the athlete to take the reward and, if the rich parent is so inclined, he or she can establish another scholarship fund for other kids. Also, having a rich parent doesn't mean that parent is going to pay for a parent to go through college. My parents were wealthy, but told me I was on my own for college. They didn't think college education for girls was worth paying for (this was some years back).
Did your dad and his boys "Make it rain" at a concert with a million dollars cash being tossed to the fans? Did he buy you a $360k car on your 16th birthday? Is he on a Forbes Celebrity list touting his net worth to be approaching $1 billion?

We aren't talking about the hard working businessman. We are talking about the uber wealthy that show it off to the world.
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