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Understanding the Under/Over pattern and weave patterns that occur.

Example: Volkl PB 10 Mid

So what have we learned above to be safe (X-2/Progression 200/some apply in general)?

DO use the proper racquet adapters at the head and throat.
DO tighten the hold down plates enough to secure the racquet but not too tight to damage the frame. Firm finger tightening is enough.
DO properly position and tighten the support posts.
DO tighten the clamps enough to hold the string but not too much as to crush it.
DO make sure the weight is tightened to the bar and positioned at the proper tension on the correct scale.
DO let the bar down slowly.
DO fan the string when you pull it through the racquet.
DO hand-tighten your knots (No machine assistance. You may hold the string with a tool.).
DO alternate installing mains on the left and right sides, never getting more than two ahead.

DO NOT leave a racquet unfinished for a long period of time.
DO NOT drop the bar, despite being called a dropweight machine.
DO NOT under any circumstance press the bar down to get it to horizontal.
DO NOT pull crosses straight across the mains in a manner to cause burning/notching.
DO NOT tighten knots with the tensioner/gripper.
DO NOT damage the string, racquet, or grommets using the awl.

Center the racquet with the threaded posts for the supports between the grommets (left 1 and right 1) at the head and throat. Use the adapters at the head and throat to protect the inside of the frame. They should not block the grommets. Details on this are in the stringing instructions above.

Follow these notes and you should get out of your first (and subsequent) string job with an intact racquet and string bed. These are just safety reminders. Details of using the machine are noted above.

Personal Safety

DO make sure the machine is on a flat surface where it will not fall or move around.
DO keep control of your string tips as to not poke yourself or get an eyeful.
DO use a decent pair of cutters when cutting string.

DO NOT drop the weight on your foot if you take it off! (About 6lbs. of solid steel pain.)
DO NOT pull pliers or other tools toward your face when tightening knots (You'll shoot your eye out, kid!).
DO NOT use the included (or any other razor blade) to cut the string (Leave your blood, sweat, and tears on the court.).
DO NOT stab yourself with the awl (or anyone else. If you happen to be a hitman nicknamed, "The Awl," I don't want to know about it.)

What if I'm short on string to reach around the gripper to tension, but I have enough to tie a finishing knot? I don't have a starting clamp.
You may be able to tie the string to be tensioned to an extra piece of string (softer is usually easier) and pull tension. Depending on how much string you have, a square knot, or perhaps something more sophisticated can be used. Remember, you need it to remain secure when pulling tension. Get the knot tight before doing so. Also, remember, after pulling tension, you need enough "good" string left to tie off. You don't want any damaged/kinked string. So, take all of that into consideration.

(Continued in Post #13.)
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