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Originally Posted by jim e View Post
Should be simple answer.
I don't think there is necessarily a simple answer because everyone's foot shape, szie and gait is going to be slightly different.

Personally, I feel that the Solutions are fractionally longer in length (but not 0.5 size longer), have a fractionally narrower sole width (though not 0.5 size narrower), though the upper is the same width, none of which causes me to change my size.

But what feels slightly longer/shorter/narrower/tighter/looser to one person may feel fine or not fine to someone else. The materials used between the 2 shoes are also slightly different (the Solution upper is softer IMO) which is also going to affect how they feel in terms of fit.

Ultimately, you just have to try them on. Only a general guide can be given via the internet as its unrealistic to think that the nuances of the each shoe's fit for a particular person's foot can be accurately explained via the internet.

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