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Originally Posted by Matt H. View Post
We're in our local playoffs that have to be finished by next Tuesday.

We're down to final match that got rained out 2 weeks ago. Tonight we play and the other team only brought 6 players. No match for #3 doubles. We assume it's a default.

We play for 2 hours and then rain comes. One match is finished. Other 3 are deep in the 2nd set.

We reschedule for next Monday, but the other captain says #3 doubles will play then. We say no way it's a default. Anyone know what the ruling is in this kind of scenario?

2.03C(1)c Match Started, Suspended, and Resumed Another Day. If the team match has started and play has been suspended and rescheduled for another day, a new line-up may be presented for any individual match that has not started and for any individual match indicated as a default on the initial line-up. Individual matches that started will resume play at the point play was suspended.


Unless your local league has an over-riding rule, your opponents got super lucky. IMO, this is a bad rule. If it affects the outcome of your match, I would write a letter letting the section folks know the story.
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