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Hmmm. Here's our rule. It doesn't mention defaults.

What would happen if I had two players there ready to play, and opponents arrive after the default period because they got caught in traffic or opposing team was short on players? Then the rain starts. Do they get to withdraw the default?

What if my players warm up for 15 minutes and then serve a ball into an unoccupied court?

"Line-up Changes for Matches Rescheduled to a different
Date. If a league match is cancelled/rescheduled to another
day after line-ups are exchanged but before players
complete warm-up or commence play (first service
attempt), then captains are free to utilize the same or
different line-up at the rescheduled “make-up” match. For
any individual matches that have commenced play before
the match is interrupted/rescheduled, those same players
must complete their suspended matches, whether finished
separately or all at the same time, on or before the assigned rescheduled date."
-- Random Error Generator, Version 4.0
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